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Russian Clients Ordered MEIXIN Brush Machine

Russian Clients Ordered MEIXIN Brush Machine


Russian clients ordered steel wire brush machine at Meixin, congratulations! Last week, a group of Russian customers came to our factory looking for high speed and accurate machine for making steel wire brushes with significant productivity. According to their description of requirements, we offered a listed of models for their choice while giving a detailed illustration of their performance. To assure them of our high quality, our sales team showed them around Meixin’s fully equipped plant and our production process in operation. The Russian clients were very satisfied with our quality and decided to place a bulk order of MX207 3 Axis 1 Head Drilling And Tufting Machine after settling down on all the details of transaction.

Russian clients ordered steel wire brush machine at Meixin

To deliver the machines that our customers want in every detail, our professional staff conduct strict quality control throughout the whole process, ranging from the source of material to production inspection to finish test. After receiving the products, our clients sent us a letter of appreciation thanking us for helping them drastically elevate their broom production, and hoping to establish long term cooperation with us. We are always striving for customer exceeding satisfaction.

JIANGMEN MEIXIN COMB BRUSH MAKING MACHINE FACTORY, Since 2003, our company is mainly manufacturing the 2-5axis household and industrial brush and broom machines,trimming and flagging machines, pneumatic cutting machine. Its used to produce many kinds of household brushes. Such as, toilet brushes, brooms, hockey brush, hair brush, bottle brush any shape of brushes. For the industrial brushes like: Roller brush,disc brush for road, and other shape of brushes. Meixin has always been committed to providing supreme quality broom machine and related materials in line with international standard while offering professional consulting services, so that we can establish long team cooperation with global customers. 

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