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Another New Order to Indian Agra From Our Old Customer

Another New Order to Indian Agra From Our Old Customer


India takes huge part in brushes making machinery market, therefore, India is our main export country. This is not the first time we receive the order from India, as this is from our long-term cooperated customer. It convinces the quality and service of our company product.

Brushes Machine  Indian Agra Packing

Just before yesterday, we successfully finished the packing and send to transportation. The product including: brushes machine, broom filament, plastic broom mold and flat wire. The brushes machine is packed in a 40ft wooden box to protect the machine during the long trip. From the manufacturing to transportation, we always do our best to reach the goal of providing the best produce to our customers. The long-term cooperation and customers trust will force us forward.

Jiangmen MEIXIN Brush Machinery Co,LTD - A supplier of brushes machine which used to produce many kinds of household brushes and industries brushes. We sincerely hope to build a cooperation with you too. Plz let us know if you are still searching in this market.

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Brushes Machine to Indian Agra

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