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For The Brush Tufting Machine, It Is The Rarely Line In China

For The Brush Tufting Machine, It Is The Rarely Line In China


For the brush tufting machine, its the rarely line in China. Let us introduce some details of machine for you. Please thinking about what will be the market will you sell. And then to consider what kind of quality will you sell. 

First, the mold. 

  To make the brushes mold, you should be consider that what kind of the brushes do you want to make. Whats the material of machine do you interested in? It will be make the mold with the holes or without the holes,  because it depend so much on the drilling and tufting machine or tufting machines only.

 Second, the filament.

  Filament, its one of important part of brush and brooms. It will effect the appearance of brooms. when you find the target market at the same time you will know the what kind of the filament suitable for you.  

Third, wire for tufting . 

   About the machines tufting method, we have 2 type of machines tufting. One machine only work in one type of tufting wire. 

A. Flat wire tufting. (anchor wire) This type of tufting can be control the speed at 8-9 holes/sec. Its for thin plastic head of brooms and brush. we make the machine of this kind of anchor wire making machine too. 

B. Otherwise the Round wire (staple wire) tufting for the thickness plastic head . 

That’s why the type of tufting depend very much on the quality of brushes and brooms.

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