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We will choose or customize different brush making machines for you according to your product types. We have manufactured the 2-5axis household and industrial brush and broom machines for 17+ years. Our major products include brush making machines, 5 axis 3 heads/5 heads brush drilling and tufting machines, trimming and flagging machines, and pneumatic cutting machines. We have produced diverse types of household and industrial brushes and brooms, household ones including toilet brushes, brooms, hockey brushes, hairbrushes, and bottle brushes, and industrial ones including roller brush, disc brush for the road and sweep brooms for the street.


Features of brush/broom making machine:

1. It offers manual data input function and instruction of the data input method.

2. It features auto or step operation.

3. The speed of drilling and tufting is controlled by inverter for various speed adjustments.

4. It has a test mode that can detect whether the machine functions properly.

5. The product has edit, delete, and copy functions.

6.  Normal working or positioning testing.

7. Alarm function for excessive drilling and tufting pressure.

8. The production speed is adjustable.

All brush broom machines in our company are manufactured with high quality. Welcome to customize special brush machines.

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