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  At 8:00 am on September 15th, in the Meixin factory, the goods were already packed and waiting for the truck. The goods included three 2-axis broom machine and a flat tufting machine, which would be shipped to Pakistan. After the arrival of the truck, we arranged the forklift for loading. After loading the goods, our salesman carefully checked the placement of the goods to avoid excessive damage. After confirming that the situation was good, we immediately took the photos as required.And the photos were sent to the customer to indicate that we have shipped.

In the process of loading, even in the hot sun, our salesmans were still following the goods, because they are responsible to the customer, are responsible for the goods.

Meixin has always been committed to providing high quality broom making machine and flat tufting machines that meet international standards.And related materials, and provide professional consulting services to establish long-term team relationships with customers around the world.

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